Authentication Services Australia

Autograph & Memorabilia Verification Specialist's

ASA is an online (COA) Confirming Ownership of Autograph database for all your autograph and memorabilia requirements.


Every item is methodically examined and reviewed by our authenticators to ensure their expert impressions are in agreement. Each signature is compared to one of the world’s largest autograph exemplar library which helps confirm or deny its legitimacy. Our authenticators then collaborate and employ a validity system for the final determination of an item’s authenticity. Certified items are then given a registration bar coded number. Items that fail our strict examination standards for certification are returned with a non valid letter detailing the inconsistencies.

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In cases where closer examination is required, ASA employs the Endoscope (HD Endo/monoscope) to reinforce the expert's findings. This state-of-the-art authentication tool is a powerful workstation that uses sophisticated color and infrared imaging, magnification, coaxial lighting, side lighting, and on-screen, side-by-side or overlaid autograph comparisons. In doing so, the VSC can detect erasures, reveal masked and obliterated signatures, differences in ink types, and several other signs common in autograph forgeries which cannot be detected normally.

Meet Our Authenticators

Specialising in your piece of historic memorabilia

Some of our Key Team.

Brian Jones

Head Authenticator

A professional Graphologist. Brian specialises in a forensic in-depth approach to validating autographs.  

Melissa Cambridge


Graduated from the University of Qld majoring in Marketing & Economics. Melissa has always been intrigued by the memorabilia industry.  

Noel Smith

Director / Authenticator

Over 30 years experience in the Autographed Memorabilia Industry. And having studied in Language & Numeracy from Griffith University Mount Gravatt.