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ASA is a registered Australian business ABN 45 527 080 095. We as a creditable business, act, adhere and abide under the Federal Register of Legislation under the Australian Corporations Act 2001.

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Autographed Memorabilia & Collectibles 

Autographed Memorabilia & Collectibles 

Certificate of Authenticity - COA

In the entertainment industry, the authentication process of signatures and autographs typically involves several steps to verify the authenticity of the signature or autograph.

Here are some of the common steps that are taken: Collecting Information:

The first step is to collect as much information as possible about the signature or autograph, such as who signed it, where and when it was signed, and any other relevant details. This information can help to establish the provenance of the signature and make it easier to verify its authenticity.

Visual Examination: The signature or autograph is visually examined by an expert to look for signs of forgery, such as discrepancies in the writing style or inconsistencies in the ink or paper used. An expert may also use a magnifying glass or other tools to examine the signature more closely.

Comparison: The signature or autograph is compared to known examples of the person's signature or autograph to look for similarities and differences. This can help to establish whether the signature is genuine or a forgery.

Authentication: If the signature or autograph is deemed to be genuine, it is then authenticated by an expert. This may involve issuing a certificate of authenticity or other documentation that verifies the signature or autograph.

Tracking: Finally, the signature or autograph is tracked through a database or registry to keep a record of its ownership and history of authentication. This helps to prevent the sale or distribution of counterfeit signatures or autographs.

Overall, the authentication process of signatures and autographs in the entertainment industry is a complex and detailed process that requires a high level of expertise and attention to detail to ensure that the signature or autograph is genuine.Our experts have a diverse knowledge base that is complemented by a series of diverse methods and technology to form our authentication process. The memorabilia industry is a one hundred billion dollar industry, so that means serious dollars.

Every item on our site goes through a strict authentication process

Every item is registered with a unique bar-coding system. We do not affix any sticker or hologram as there is no need living in the digital age. Plus we believe that the item should be completely untouched and left to its original state.

To keep the integrity of your valuable piece of memorabilia

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